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Tenant Cleaning Responsibilities

The following will serve as a guide to assist you as to the cleaning requirements when you vacate your residence.


  • Pull out refrigerator to clean sides, wall and floor behind. Clean refrigerator, shelves, under crisper and under foot guard.
  • Clean cupboards, under sink, counters, exhaust fan, faucet fixtures and bread board.
  • Clean stove, under burners, controls and burner rings and drip pans on stove. Lift range top and pull out to clean sides, wall and floor behind.
  • Clean oven, Be careful oven cleaner does not drip below or on door. (note: DO NOT USE any chemicals on self-cleaning ovens!)
  • Clean and wax floor.
  • Clean air-conditioning and heater unit closet. Remove cover and replace filter.
  • Clean light fixture


  • Vacuum and shampoo carpets. (carpets must be professionally cleaned)
  • Baseboards cleaned and finger marks and other marks cleaned off the switches and walls. Wash with mild soap solution only.
  • Traverse rods cleaned. Check top of rods. Pull drapes to check for stains.
  • Window sills cleaned, windows washed, and hose off screens. Check tracks. Clean out dirt to allow water from condensation to run away.
  • Remove stick-on picture hangers by first wetting all then removing: DO NOT RIP OFF.
  • No rubber bands on any door knobs.
  • Vents cleaned.


  • Same as living room and dining room.
  • Vacuum closets and remove clothes hangers.
  • Clean light fixtures.
  • Check drapes for dirt, stain and signs of wear.


  • Tub, toilet, toilet tank, sink and cupboard cleaned.
  • Clean chrome fixture throughout: also exhaust fan and window & tracks.
  • Medicine cabinet wiped and cleaned.
  • Tile and counter cleaned.
  • Clean and wax floor.
  • Clean shower, shower doors and door runners.
  • Clean light fixtures.
  • Wash walls with mild soap solution.
  • Use pumice stone to remove water rings. NO ABRASIVES ON FIBERGLASS.


  • Patios cleaned.
  • Carport or garage floor swept and oil spills cleaned; all refuse carried away. Storage compartments cleaned. Floors can be hosed down.
  • Barbecues cleaned; THOROUGHLY PLEASE.


  • Lawns must be mowed.
  • Weeds and debris must be removed.
  • Walkways and porches must be swept.

Return keys for unit, garage and/or mailbox in the postage paid envelope provided by management. Please leave your forwarding address with our office. Any refundable deposit will be mailed to you within twenty-one (21) days.