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Rental Policies & Forms

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Application Process


    1. Get a list of our available properties either online or from a list provided at our office.
    2. Drive-by prospective properties to determine which one you would like to see.
    3. Call our office and make an appointment with one of our property managers to view the interior of your selected property.
    4. After selecting a property, complete the online application form. Each adult should fill out a seperate online application. You can find online applications at
    5. If approved, we will notify you to come to our office to sign the lease and related forms. You will then be given keys to your unit.
    6. Move-in and enjoy your new residence.

Vacating Premises

Vacating Procedure

    After providing a written 30 day notice to our office we will send a letter acknowledging receipt of your notice of intent to vacate the property in which you reside. This letter will include the Tenant Cleaning Responsibilities list which will help you to understand what we are expecting from you.

    Should any occupants wish to continue as tenants, all potential tenants must complete a new application to rent. If the application is approved a new rental agreement and security deposit must be paid. A transfer of your current deposit can be arranged if all parties agree in writing.

    You have an obligation to pay rent throughout your 30-day notice period and you will be charged rent until the property is completely vacated. The property is considered vacant once all personal property is removed and the keys returned to our office.

    The original security deposit must be returned to you or accounted for within twenty-one (21) days after you have vacated the property. The security deposit is primarily for correcting deficiencies in the condition of the property for which you are responsible during your tenancy, and should the property be returned in the same condition as you received it, you will have your entire deposit returned in a timely manner.

    Please note that the security deposit must be maintained apart and separate from rent due until such time as it is distributed to the entitled persons. No portion of the security deposit can be used toward “last months rent” Security deposit refund checks are made payable to the parties as indicated on the rental agreement. The parties who endorse the check make a collective choice as to how the funds are allocated among themselves.

    On the rare occasion that any amount be withheld from a security deposit, the decision to withhold is not determined by the property inspector’s “walk thru”. The “walk thru” details the current condition of the property and when appropriate makes repairs and improvements recommendations. The property manager reviews the property inspector’s “walk thru”, recent photographs, tenant file and check-in report. In addition, the manager may solicit the opinion of licensed professionals. The property manager presents his finding to the owner and the decision to authorize any deposit deduction is made.

    PLEASE NOTE THAT THE OWNER OF YOUR RESIDENCE HOLDS SECURITY DEPOSITS IN TRUST AND ALL DEDUCTIONS ARE THE DECISION OF THE OWNER. Should you wish to comment on the condition of your residence when returning your keys, feel free to include your comments in writing so that they may be included in your file.

    Pursuant to California Civic Code 1954, our office staff would like to begin showing the property to prospective new tenants twice a week between 4:15 pm and 6:15 pm. Please decide on the most convenient days and times and inform us as soon as possible. Please provide us with your new address when returning your keys so that your security deposit can be disbursed without delay. Your keys may be returned in person or by mail to any of our office locations.

Notice to Vacate Form

Tenant Cleaning Responsibilities

    The following will serve as a guide to assist you as to the cleaning requirements when you vacate your residence. ALL WINDOWS TO BE WASHED.

    1. Pull out refrigerator to clean sides, wall and floor behind. Clean refrigerator, shelves, under crisper and under foot guard.
    2. Clean cupboards, under sink, counters, exhaust fan, faucet fixtures and bread board.
    3. Clean stove, under burners, controls and burner rings and drip pans on stove. Lift range top and pull out to clean sides, wall and floor behind.
    4. Clean oven, Be careful oven cleaner does not drip below or on door. (note: DO NOT USE any chemicals on self-cleaning ovens!)
    5. Clean and wax floor.
    6. Clean air-conditioning and heater unit closet. Remove cover and replace filter.
    7. Clean light fixture


    1. Vacuum and shampoo carpets. (carpets must be professionally cleaned)
    2. Baseboards cleaned and finger marks and other marks cleaned off the switches and walls. Wash with mild soap solution only.
    3. Traverse rods cleaned. Check top of rods. Pull drapes to check for stains.
    4. Window sills cleaned, windows washed, and hose off screens. Check tracks. Clean out dirt to allow water from condensation to run away.
    5. Remove stick-on picture hangers by first wetting all then removing: DO NOT RIP OFF.
    6. No rubber bands on any door knobs.
    7. Vents cleaned.


    1. Same as living room and dining room.
    2. Vacuum closets and remove clothes hangers.
    3. Clean light fixtures.
    4. Check drapes for dirt, stain and signs of wear.


    1. Tub, toilet, toilet tank, sink and cupboard cleaned.
    2. Clean chrome fixture throughout: also exhaust fan and window & tracks.
    3. Medicine cabinet wiped and cleaned.
    4. Tile and counter cleaned.
    5. Clean and wax floor.
    6. Clean shower, shower doors and door runners.
    7. Clean light fixtures.
    8. Wash walls with mild soap solution.
    9. Use pumice stone to remove water rings. NO ABRASIVES ON FIBERGLASS.


    1. Patios cleaned.
    2. Carport or garage floor swept and oil spills cleaned; all refuse carried away. Storage compartments cleaned. Floors can be hosed down.
    3. Barbecues cleaned; THOROUGHLY PLEASE.


    1. Lawns must be mowed.
    2. Weeds and debris must be removed.
    3. Walkways and porches must be swept.
    4. Return keys for unit, garage and/or mailbox to Pro Management Office. Please leave your forwarding address with our office. Any refundable deposit will be mailed to you within twenty-one (21) days


Deposit Refund Disputes

    Should you disagree with your itemized disposition of security deposit, put your objection in writing and mail to the following address:

    Attn: Deposit Disputes
    Professional Rental Organization, Inc.
    1738 Jefferson Street
    Napa, CA 94559

    Once your written statement is received, your file will be reviewed again to evaluate the validity of your complaints and demands. You will receive a written response from our office regarding our decision.

Late Rent

Late Rent Policy

    Late rent is not acceptable. Your rent is due on the first of the month. Any payment not received by the first is late. All tenants that have not paid by the first receive a 3-day notice to pay rent or quit on the fourth of the month. Should you fail to pay your rent during the 3-day period, you will be evicted through legal proceedings unless special arrangements are made.

    Mail Payments To:
    Professional Rental Organization, Inc
    1738 Jefferson St.
    Napa, CA 94559


Eviction Settlement

    Should you wish to reinstate your tenancy and halt removal by the Sheriff, you must pay all the fees demanded in the complaint and the Owner/Agent must authorize reinstatement of your tenancy.

    Owner/Agent upon reviewing your file may not wish to reinstate your tenancy.

    The complaint usually demands the following costs:
    Past due rent: $ ______ per complaint-unlawful detainer
    Late charge: $ ______ per rental agreement
    Court filing fee: $ 240.00
    Process server fee: $ 65.00 per person
    Attorney fees: $ 400.00
    Writ of Execution: $ 25.00
    Sheriffs fee: $ 145.00
    Total: $ ______

    Payment of your eviction related fees in full or with a payment schedule is advisable at all times to protect your credit and avoid wage garnishment, bank levy and seizure of your property to satisfy the debt. Professional Rental Organization, Inc. provides collection services and actively pursues collection of funds from evicted tenants.

    Please feel free to contact our office or our attorney to discuss reinstatement and/or payment arrangements.

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